San Francisco is One of the Elite Recycling Cities – Thanks to Recology

Reposted from Science Times   SAN FRANCISCO — Robert Reed, who is enjoying a surprising career turn as a busy tour guide at the latest hot spot here, stood smiling one recent sunny morning before 10 foreign dignitaries and journalists. They included the mayor of Genoa, Italy, and the general consuls from Italy, Canada … More San Francisco is One of the Elite Recycling Cities – Thanks to Recology


Got Weeds? Use Some Elbow Grease Instead of Roundup

Source: GreenMedInfo [] A newly published scientific consensus statement on Roundup herbicide reveals exposure to this ubiquitous toxicant is increasing and valid research proving it safe is still nowhere to be found. A powerful new review on the toxicity of glyphosate signals a growing consensus among non industry sponsored scientists that the relatively unmonitored and unregulated … More Got Weeds? Use Some Elbow Grease Instead of Roundup

Nine Reasons to Never Eat Processed Foods Again

1) Processed foods are highly addictive. 2) Processed foods often contain phosphates that destroy your organs, bones. 3) Fresh foods are actually cheaper than processed foods. 4) Processed foods cause chronic inflammation. 5) Processed foods ruin digestion. 6) Processed foods destroy your mind. 7) Processed foods are loaded with GMOs. 8) Processed foods are loaded … More Nine Reasons to Never Eat Processed Foods Again

Eight-Week Indulgences

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Macy’s Parade, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hallmark Movies, the Nutcracker, Hanukkah, ice skating, lights and more lights, Christmas Eve, Christmas, sales, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, the Rose Parade, college bowls and a Partridge in a pear tree. Am I the only one who feels like I’ve been on a whirlwind rollercoaster ride? It’s … More Eight-Week Indulgences

Mailbox Overload

Several years ago, I stopped reading the paper, and switched to reading online. Everything’s online, on TV and on radio. It felt so good to reduce piles of paper for the recycling bin, despite the massive amounts of paper products I consumed otherwise. Magazines, too: I reduced them to nil. They compiled mountains of advertisements, and really very little substance. … More Mailbox Overload

Candy is Not Equal to Healthy Chocolate

DON’T BE MISLED by the high cacao content of candy. These numbers are loosely slapped on labels without a consistent standard, and often, they are measured prior to processing and cooking. Add sugar, waxes, fillers, and, “Bam,” you’ve got tasty and marketable candy whose touted cacao content and original nutrition value have been severely compromised … More Candy is Not Equal to Healthy Chocolate

Day One

I’m taking a leap. Joining the blogging world, after years of website building, Facebooking, chatting and hanging out. I’m finally going to learn how this works and going to make the best of it. I have lots of interests. I’m not one of those one-path riders who sticks to a single course. It’s great for … More Day One